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Sunscreen from Dr Martha @ LCS

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On departure from GDL a brand new pump can of Dr Martha's sunscreen was lifted from my baggage. If any of you also have some of this product spf 45±,

Extremely dry after a few seconds, does not run into your eyes when you sweat, she was selling it for $200±mxp. Not your normal hand pump, the whole top lid depressed. If you have the name & manufacturer off the product the info would be appreciated as I'm trying to track it down. If anyone has her email that would also work for us. Tks

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On 8/11/2017 at 9:34 AM, mkshawn said:

Many Tks Sea, Dr Martha has an office in Ajijic, mountain side clinic just west of Telmex with a accessible ramp to front door. Take the mountain side lateral just east of Telmex drive west to the clinic.


That place is a clinic which is used by GDL doctor/specialists with limited office hours in this area.  Dra. Marta is there only on Thursdays.  If you just need to pick up something, you can go in and wait until she has a minute in between appts.  If you need an appt. there, call 766-5154, also for other specialists as well.

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