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Hurricane Frederick


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This storm is moving pretty rapidly. Latest advisory (sp) has it coming even with the Lake at aprox. 7 PM, just south of us if it doesn't curve more  to the south.    Lucky us.  The mountains  will stop most of the wind, but the river and lake will get  lot of water.

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Last night I talked with friends who live near the coast in Veracruz.  They said that Franklin was causing heavier than normal surf and heavy rain along the coastline.  The main concern, they said, is the possibility of flooding due to the rains.  At the time I talked with them--Wednesday 9 August about10:30PM--they were not experiencing high winds. 

Here's the current news about Franklin:

Mexico City is currently experiencing moderate to fairly heavy rain due to Franklin.  

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I should have reported this before, but when the storm was just starting to arrive, I swear I could smell, very faintly, an ocean smell. Not the rotting seaweed smell, but salt water. Has anyone else experienced this from a quickly moving storm from the Caribbean? Then again, maybe I just stepped in something.

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I had a much darker thought, remembering a poem by the great Irving Layton, the breeze smelling like salt. It has nothing to do with Mexico, except maybe getting old. Apologies.

When death comes for you, by Irving Layton

When death
comes for you, my dear,
let him take you
like a candleflame
that is taken
from its wick
by a gentle stir
of wind
smelling of lilac

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