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Are you

4 hours ago, ArizonaNino said:

very beautiful here, the people are friendly and theres a beautiful green mountain here ill post a picture of my patio view.only thing i dont like is the lack of internet service providers here compared to chapala.

Are you in a gated community or in the village itself?

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9 hours ago, Aquaponicsman said:

I lived in Santa Cruz. Nice area, great people. Horrible electric to my house (often not enough to run an automatic coffee pot) and internet was even more pathetic, when it worked. Little to no Internet was the main cause of my departure.

Yes and this is why I post these questions here as frequently these problems are not apparent.  If things were done as they were in the past, paying bills by mail, communication, etc., then we would not be no dependent upon the internet.  We've all gotten pushed in that direction.  Where did you end up?

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I was recently at the Maskaras Medical Clinic next to Riberas where they have a Telmex Business Account to include Internet. And while waiting I did a speed test. I couldn't believe it the speed was so good. I used the Ookla Speed Test app that was loaded on my iPhone. I couldn't believe it, the speeds were superfast just like you said. The download speed was over 25Mb/sec by an upload speed of over 10Mb/sec up.

Yes the download was fantastic but what surprised me most was that the Telmex business package had such a high upload speed.

I have the highest available Telmex residential package in upper Ajijic and my download speed is close to half the above mentioned speed but my upload speed is only a very small fraction of what the clinic has. Shown below is what I get


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For what ever it is worth Mainecoons when they look up my account at Telmex, they showed me that my DSLAM card is 1,070 meters from my home. Translated that means that my internet over the telephone line connects to the internet 1,070 meters away from my house which would put it in or near the Ajijic Telmex office.


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