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Landline Phones: Two Questions, one about hearing assisted


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1. I would like to know if U.S. telephones (cordless or standard) will work with a Telmex hardline. If yes and with no degradation in voice quality, then on to question two.

2. Is anyone familiar with telephones offered for sale in Mexico that allow the incoming (and outgoing sometimes) decibel level to be adjusted upward such as phones sold over the below U.S. website for approximately $100?

I do not wish for or seek any comments about hearing aids worn on the body as my hearing loss is slight, and some incoming calls, particularly cell calls are not always as clearly transmitted as I'd like to hear. So, I just want to be able to adjust upwards the decibels.


Thank you.

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Yes, U.S. land line phones, cordless or standard, work with TelMex landlines.  We've noticed no degradation.

Can't answer the second as we brought the phones we needed with us when we came.  Most things electronic here are more expensive than NOB and often the latest models are not available.

BTW, regarding cordless, before we came I researched how they would work in the masonry and iron structures that most houses are built of here.  Surprisingly, the best performer is the old 900 mhz type so I bought one on EBay years ago and brought it along.

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