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Do you know these dogs?

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How kind of you to take them in-there is no reason to suppose they are street dogs, although they may be. I would suggest checking two places: the vet clinics (Ladron & Memo's) in Riberas and that you post these photos at the Animal Shelter in Riberas. They may well be from the area. Sorry I don't recognize them. Good luck.

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7 minutes ago, Mexiken said:

Did you not read the post?  On the highway.  ON the highway.

And when we see them bloated with their feet sticking up, what them?

You look the other way when you see them dead. This is how things are in Mexico.

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If you have not already done this, check with Vet Pepe Magana .. he is a little west on the Carretera from Maskaras clinic   [ lakeside also,   next to the cement company ] .

He might recognize them.. also check with the folks at  the clinic and pharmacy..

I wish them a safe return to their family.

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MEXIKEN--I may be alone in this opinion but I believe people who truly love and care for the wellbeing of their dogs do not let them roam free.  I know this flies in the face of what some previous posters wrote but there are too many dangers in the world for dogs to unnecessarily be exposed to.  I will never understand why any person who cares about their dog(s) allows him/her/them to run free, despite what others above have said.  Nor do I understand why any responsible owner does not put tags on their dog(s.).  I commend you for caring enough about the lives of these two to take them off the highway and make an effort to find their owner(s.). I would hope some caring, concerned person would do the same for mine if one got loose accidentally.  Oh, wait!!  Someone did that and thanks to that person I was able to get my baby back unharmed!  I am forever grateful to that person who didn't just leave him to roam the streets as some above suggested, perhaps suffering injury or death.

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