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La Hacienda de Don Pedro

Bisbee Gal

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This review will be short and sweet.  

I go for their conejo which is perfectly grilled.  It is not a bargain, but I will gladly pay the 170p for a rabbit fix.  Decent pour of house wine is 40p.  FYI: if you haven't eaten grilled rabbit before, to get every last bit you will need to resort to finger-licking eating style.  

The restaurant is located in west Ajijic, at the intersection of the carratera and Calle de Las Flores, just west of Rio Zula and the La Huerta shopping strip.  


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3 hours ago, Carnivore said:

Warning.  You can't remove the stripes from a skunk!  A number of local people were scammed for a very substantial amount of money to the extent that several had to seriously change their retirement plans.  Newcomers beware!

Very good advice!

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I agree.  I refuse to give him any business.  I read a notice on Super Lakes outside wall from a waiter that used to work for him.

He wouldn't pay his staff- only promises that he would get paid next week.  Empty promises, and eventually they quit and he hires more

who fall for the same line.

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