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First visit and we were very pleased with both the food and the service.  

The hamburguesa de camarones (shrimp burger) was the best by far of any I've had Lakeside.  Merendero's version is full of large shrimp with a spicy sauce and caramelized onions.   It was 79 pesos.  

The hamburguesa de cordero (lamb burger) was very good and hefty; it had that crunchy outer crust that a burger should have.  It was 99p.  

The fries are among the best we've had here.  They come pre-seasoned.  Merendero serves real Heinz ketchup...so much better than that orange stuff.   The fries are included in the price of the burgers.  

The rolls are tasty; they have some sort of an herb flavor on their tops, but not so strong to take away from the burger.  They serve dill chip pickles and jalapeno slices on the side.  They bring a small complimentary plate of sweet potato "shavings" with a drizzle of BBQ sauce.  

Wine is 50p for a healthy pour.   Domestic beer is 25p on average.  They sell micro-brews in bottles from other parts of Mexico;  the IPA from Mexicali is a good strong brew for 70p.  

Service was faster than most places and very pleasant.  

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Please post their hours if you can ever figure out what they are. I agree about the quality of the food but have been walking by there between 1 and 2 any number of times in recent weeks and never found them open. 

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That's a fairly old link (early 2014) and much of that site's data is out of date.  

I know they stay open past 7:30, at least most nights.  I agree with Kevin, they are rarely open at noon.  Sometimes 12:30ish, sometimes later.  But maybe on Sunday as they are adjacent to the street closure and do a swift business as do most in those blocks of Colon when they can put tables on the street.  

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