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Google Translation:

"General requirements

The applicant of the FMM must have a passport or passport card valid and valid in accordance with the rules of international law. In case the nationality requires it must present valid and valid Visa.

The applicant knows that the Passport Card can be used at border crossings only and visit the border zone; Can not be used to travel to the interior of the Mexican Republic or use it for international air travel.

The applicant must enter the information required in the FMM application, as it appears in his passport.

The applicant accepts, in protest of truthfulness, that the information and documentation provided is true, so that it becomes aware that in case of falsifying information, it could be punished in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

Conditions of the Multiple Migratory Form obtained electronically:

The Multiple Migratory Form can be obtained electronically through the Institute's web portal, foreigners who enter via land to the country, for places destined to the international transit of people.

The applicant accepts that the condition of stay that will be obtained when entering the information will be the one of visitor without permission to carry out remunerated activities.

The applicant is aware that the FMM has a maximum validity of 180 calendar days and may use it for a single visit.

The applicant is informed that the validity of the FMM will be counted from the stamp of the immigration seal, as long as it accredits the requirements to enter Mexico.

The applicant will print the FMM and must present it in the place destined to the international transit of people for which it intends to enter.

The applicant becomes aware that the payment of the right to obtain the status of stay, does not guarantee his entry to Mexico.

The applicant must present a valid passport or valid passport card, as well as the FMM at the time of requesting admission."


It states in the rules "a valid passport or passport card [the USA has passport cards]  " but not that it has to be valid for 6 more months; just valid at the time you enter Mexico so I presume it is up to the Immigration Offical screening you to give you a180 day FMM tourist card or only the number of days until your passport expires or turn you away. Who knows what will happen for sure.

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