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We did it last year. Social Security in GDL required the following info sent to them via email : copies of your s.s card or medicare card, copy of passport, copy of MX permanente or temporal card, name of your MX bank, your clabe #, and bank account number. We sent the info on the 15th of the month and our checks were direct deposited on the 3rd of the next month just like usual. Send your full name and address to FBU.guadalajara@ssa.gov

I strongly suggest that you send them an email to verify their current requirements.

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The "consulate" wasn't involved. My information and instructions came directly from the Social Security Federal Benefits Unit in Guadalajara. I first spoke with them on the phone, then followed up that conversation with a confirmation email. Then, and only then did I/we proceed to change our status from direct deposit in the U.S. to our bank in M.X.  

I first contacted Social Security in the U.S., they directed me to the office in GDL.

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4 hours ago, artsnob said:

Angus, I opened web site, so what do I push to have them send my SS to mex bank, there are so many listings I can not figure it out

You have to have an online account with them.   At that link, at top of page, far right, there's a button marked, Sign In, Sign Up.  If you don't have an online account you will have to create one.  If you have an account, sign in and go to your Profile; your bank is part of your profile.  I do not have my check going to a Mexican bank so cannot comment if changing it via this profile is all you need to do.  

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