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Dog boarding or pet sitting

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We have two dogs; a Boston Terrier & English Bulldog and moving to the area.  My work required that I occasionally travel and looking for a good, reliable pet sitter or boarding facility for our "babies" .... Would love your thoughts and suggestions.  You can also e-mail me at ken@callkencorbin.com

Thanks so much!


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Orson Perez runs a very inclusive dog business. He does walking, daycare, boarding, grooming and, I believe, home stays.  When staying at the doggie hotel they are treated as if in their own home with free run of the property. If your dogs have been boarded at a typical facility, they will love this. He is on Facebook under his name and email is thedogwalkerchapala@gmail.com. 

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James and Ely, who house/dog/cat sit for free. He is Canadian, she is Venezuelan-they are both early 40's, fit, responsible, loving and completely reliable. They had cared for my dogs many times and there are many others in this area who will give them the best possible reference. They bring their own food and are in the house 24/7, which is what you really need here. You can reach them at: 444jimb@gmail.com

Good luck!

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Hello Kurbie,

I'm a petsitter, just in case I could be of any help, feel free to take a looke on my profile. I got references I can send to your e-mail.

this is my mail: clausgoa@yahoo.com.mx

Nigh, night!

Claudia Gomez.

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Thanks for posting this Kurbie, I was just about to until reading your post.  Have you f/u (followed up) with any of the recommendations?  If you don't mind can you give me feedback on your experience(s) with boarding dogs here.  I have a 13 yr.old Beagle-Nacho that may need occasional keeping for a day at most.  I just don't feel comfortable leaving him overnight at a strange place.  I am sure you understand.  Thanks. I will definitely contact some of the recommendations given on this thread.

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