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Specials this weekend.

We still have some room on Friday and Saturday.

Pork shank seared and braised in an Italian manner with pureed mirepoix and your choice of sides.

Seared Alaska salmon to your desired doneness with lemon and parsley butter.

Beef short ribs seared and slowly braised. With carrots, mushrooms, onions and red potatoes.

Beef stroganoff (filet) over egg noodles.

House smoked andouille sausage and chicken gumbo over rice.

Lastly a fresh batch of mint chocolate chip ice cream so save some room!

Or call 331-797-9812 Or 376-108-0180.

As always, I look forward to seeing you.


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35 minutes ago, lakeside7 said:

Hugh will you please Confirm days and time you are open. Thks


Reservations from 5pm.

I also have been doing some private parties for groups of 8 or more on other evenings.  I limit myself to one extra night a week.

Thanks for the inquiry.


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