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If you were to move what city in Mexico would you go to?

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Paid 1.7 million pesos. Location is amazing, owned for 60 years by a man who dreamed of building a home there. It was empty when he bought it. All the other houses there have been around a long time. The site is protected by INAH, so building has to comply with historic building exterior codes.

You can see old cantera stacked in the picture. It was flooring for a structure that was there before the man bought the lot. We plan on using it in the next phase of construction.


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El Tuito, Jal. 1 hour south of Puerto Vallarta.  Elevation 2000' and 30 minutes from the beach at Boca de Tomatlan   http://www.puertovallarta.net/espanol/que-hacer/boca-de-tomatlan-jalisco.php and 40 minutes via the new paved road to the beaches at Cabo Corrientes. Think Mayto and Tejua.


Haven't been to this development yet but will be checking it out. Our condo handyman's mother was from El Tuito and he says he has seen it and it is nice. Not much to do there but quiet and nice people, no gringos to speak of.

Zip down to the Hotel Mayto on a gorgeous deserted beach. Be very careful swimming, it's open ocean here. Never stayed there but checked it out and it looks perfect.      http://www.hotelmayto.com/

A 10 minute drive takes you to Tejua where I would suggest you have lunch, super fresh seafood at reasonable prices and a more protected beach.  All an easy day trip from El Tuito. (What am I waiting for?)  http://www.puertovallarta.net/what_to_do/tehuamixtle-jalisco.php

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Because weather and access to a decent airport are important to us, we'll stick with Ajijic and continue to visit other Mexican cities which we love for a whole host of other reasons.  Driving to Morelia, Patzcuaro, SMA, most beaches, etc. is a breeze.  Flying to San Cristobal, Puebla, Oaxaca, CDMX, Cuernavaca, etc. is equally easy and inexpensive.  

We did take a  long hard look at SMA in 2007 but selected Ajijic for our home in 2008-2012.  In the past year we again considered SMA.  I am a walking fanatic, but I am also 10 years older and found the hills and lack of wide sidewalks in SMA Centro too risky for the long-term.  And  mi esposa doesn't like the SMA winters at all. 

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