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Travelling by Delta

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I took a trip that involved Delta as the carrier of record, with AeroMexico as parts of the journey. I was treated extremely well at all airports (Mexico City (where the signs still say, inside, "Beinvenidos a DF"), Monterrey, Detroit, Ottawa). One young chap who lost his immigration stub when leaving Mexico City had a complete meltdown on the spot. I coulda sworn I saw the top of his head pop off and steam coming out of his ears at the ticket counter. He went from "hello" to "GET ME A #$@%*& FLIGHT!!!" in about five seconds; the Delta staff were super-professional and calm about the whole thing. Because I has wheelchair service, thanks to the terrible sciatica problem I've been dealing with, I was pretty much treated like a tin god. Up in Detroit, they said "You're Canadian going to Canada? No need to check anything... go right through! We love you guys."

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