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Costalegre Fish Market near Superlake-disappointed


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The reason for the price difference is the smaller the are farm raised from Chile. They (IMHO) don't even taste like salmon.   The larger a wild caught from Alaska.  They're the real thing.  They have them fresh on Wednesdays.  If you were in salmon country you would see that each breed of salmon has a different price!

Fresh wild caught salmon in chapla? How  do you define fresh. The major supermarkets where I lived in the Philadelphia suburbs don't even have fresh Salmon. It comes in frozen and then thawed as needed. And they also sell salmon by the pound or a pre-cut slices that are not by the pound that do not equal the same prices by the pound. Those pre-cut slices are  higher priced  then by the pound. We bought them once thinking it was a better deal and it was not. We did the math wrong. And there each breed of salmon have different prices. Even within the farm raided there are 2 or 3 different types and they are the cheapest. Within wild salmon you can find salmon that are even "organic from New Zealand or coho or other species. We had seen wild go from 16 to 25 dollars per pound and farm from 5 to 10 a pound. The farm raised are tasteless and you can tell the difference from far away as to what is wild and what is farm raised just in richness of the color of the fish of the wild vs a dull bland light color in the farm raised. Worth the price to get the wild salmon and the best we ate were the ones from New Zealand labeled organic whatever that means but extremely tasty and filling.




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