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Kitty Litter needed, please ..

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As you probably know by now that Anita's Animal shelter is in the process of closing.  So no new animals  are being accepted, which has been in place for several weeks now.

The  first actions are to find home for the dogs.  There are approximately  30 dogs at this time.

The second stage  is  finding homes ,etc.. for the cats.. there are  49 right now..  At the moment there  is sufficient  dry cat food for a few weeks. 

And a kind and generous person from CA has said she will help with this cat food  need for several weeks going forward.

What is needed at the moment , and until   all cats have been placed is : kitty litter  !

You can make a donation directly to Anita's  shelter, Monday - Saturday 9A - 1PM  after  you have purchased it ..  or  purchase it at LFA Cat shelter pet food store.                                           When there are some donated items accumulated the pet food store will contact Anita's about making a pick up .


Thank you for your help !

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Maybe Cheaper alternatives to kitty litter 

Barring dirt and clay, what other options are there for homemade and preferably sustainable kitty litter? Sand is worth consideration, as are shredded newspapers, chicken scratch (a farm/ranch store staple that can be purchased in bulk for considerably less than mainstream corn-based alternatives) and even natural wood fiber (also known as horse bedding). Most of the aforementioned alternatives are readily available at home improvement or farm supply stores, meaning that you’ll be saving some serious buckeroos. 

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Court - thank you for the suggestions.

Actually the  wood 'shavings' or whatever you might call them, have been used in the past.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

They presented more problems than the use of  actual kitty litter. Within the cats enclosures are drains in  the enclosure floors. After good sweeping of  the floors,                             the floors are washed / disinfected,  rinsed, dried, etc..  and the cats are returned to their enclosures, etc..                           

  After a period of time an accumulation of shavings  have  clogged the drains requiring  a type of 'roto-rooter' action to clean the drains.   Plus the shavings with their cat  'bathroom activities'   created a heavier garbage situation ,  increased  difficulty separating the unused materials from the 'used' matter thus increased staff time taking care of this, and disposal of the whole pan material, instead of just removing the 'used' material.    Anita is not on  'city garbage' pick-up , and has to use a private garbage pick-up, and the bill went up more  due to the increased  weight of this disposal. 

So it is  back to kitty litter .

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Scoop-Away  is good, but I realize that everyone is on a budget, so whatever fits your budget as to brand or size will be fine....

the kitties do not have as  much of an 'opinion'   about their litter as they do about  their food  [ they love Whiskers ] .

Again, thank you for your help, it really is appreciated !

One guy who has been with Anita for a few years, will start his new life in California, with another Mexi-lady cat this Saturday.

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