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I just got back lakeside. Several folks had been posting complaining about lack 4G connectivity lakeside when I was up north and I could hardly wait and do some speed tests where I had done so in the past at my home and show off. Well like you all posted, things have changed. It's harder to get 4G connectivity from the same place, my home office-bedroom. And it is slower.

So here go's: First, I found it hard to even get a 4G signal in my house where I used to be able to easily get it. So I went out on the porch and pointed directly at the Telcel tower several blocks away at the top of the hill in West Ajijic, near the top of Tempisque and finally the phone showed that I had a 4G connection. I did a speed test and only got 16.24 Mb/sec down by 15.03 up with a ping of 79 ms 

Now that still beats the competition but much slower for Telcel  than before. I went back two years and saw a Telcel test from the same location (same latitude and longitude), my house, and I got 31.77 down by 20.54 up and Ping of only 15

Oh and the data used to do the test just now was 51.8 MB and that is expensive.

And at the faster speed mentioned above, I used about 91 MB of data.

What speed test program did I use? it was an Ookla App that I had downloaded from the Apple store when I got my iPhone 6, a couple of years ago.


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