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I am not an expert, but this does not look to me like an assassin bug, as mentioned above. Looks like what I call a stink bug- if you disturb them, they give off a disgusting and pungent odor.

A true assasin bug, also known as a love bug or kissing bug can carry a very dangerous disease, and it is not from their bite, but rather from a parasite in their feces, which can cause major medical problems and eventual death if not tested for and treated early. Don't want to freak people out, but good to know what might be out there. Google " Chagas disease" for more info. I actually have seen several of these kissing bugs in my home near PV, and asked my doctor if I should get tested, but he said the ones in this area do not carry the disease.

But the bug pictured above is NOT the bug that can carry Chagas disease.

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