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Bull Fights - Plaza Del Toro

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1 minute ago, daisy2013 said:

...no one wants to think of how chickens, fishes, or any beef or pork product Is obtained.

Without exception none of them are tormented and almost killed for 15 minutes before slaughter.


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Since I live 8 months of the year down south and most of my time is spent in indigenous communities I can witness plenty of killing of animals so I am not one that have not witnessed cows being slaughtered as I eat breakfast and chicken and turkeys being killed ..  When I was young my mother taught me how to kill chiken and rabbit so they could be prepared for a meal.

. If you do not want to do that you have to become vegetarian. I strongly object to the bulls having their neck muscles severed and being wounded so the matador can look like a brave hero at the end and find the hundred of people applauding the shiny  looking guy doind pirouettes in front of a wounded bull as the music plays very decadent and sick.

I have to admit that hearing the mooing of a cow being bled to death is not something I look forward to either but at least no one looks at it as entertainement.

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I did not like to see the Bull Fights...I am a hunter, and absolutely love to eat my meat!  But what they do at these Bull Fights to the bulls is nothing short of torture.

I was however, happy to get to see a traditional sport.  One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to experience things as the natives do!  And that is what this video was!

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 I can see being curious once as it is pretty much connected to the Spanish culture and  I do not have anything against people who eat what they kill either but those games should be outlawed and will eventually. ..Until I was in my 20´s I did go to corridas on a regular basis as it was part of being alive in the summer.. but I got over the glitz and the music and the handsome matadores and saw the  grim side of it. The Spaniards are in love with man confronting death and machos.. but really  they should be honest with themselves and not hurt the bull before killing it  and see how the game would go... the only good part is that  once in a while the bull  learns before the 20 minutes are over or the matador makes a mistake.. there are some other ancient games with bulls that do not involve torturing the bull.

I do not see the fervor about corridas in Mexico that I see in Spain so hopefully this will go by the way side too It did in Catalonia and will eventually in  the south west of  France as well... By the way you can watch bullfights on tv on Sunday as it is part of sports news..

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I love my Koi--s-- They came to eat out of my hand when I tapped the water.. of course the cat learned how to do that too and got himself some nice expensive fish.. Ha ha..

The bulls and cows are not cuddly  things , they will charge you if you dare being in the same area.. One day we went with a cousin in a jeep in an area  in Camargue where they were raised  we came head to head with a herd driven by a  man on horseback we stoped and made sure not to move as we did not have any protedtion or doors.. the herd went by but the last guy started looking at the headlight and scratching the ground and we knew not to move.. he  destroyed one headlight with a little tap of the horn charged the car another time and then moved on  and we stay really still has he went by.. these guys will charge in a second..this is why it is fun having them in a soccer game.. with the ball and the players, that was one of my favorite game when I was a kid..

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On 6/28/2017 at 7:08 AM, jh5127 said:


Killing an animal for no valid reason.




Mahatma Gandhi Quote:  The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

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