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Son Brings in Dad's New Computer


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My son is coming to Lake Chapala soon and I want him to bring a new Microsoft computer and, of course, leave it here. Will he have an issue at the border (Nogalas) and if not, does he have to declare it (some forums say NO, does not have declare is a personal item (his wife will also have her own computer). If he then leaves it with me, is there a hassle when he goes back across the border a few weeks later?

Even if he brought it new, in the box, and paid the 16% fee, it is still about $500 USD cheaper than buying here.


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It is true that no one really cares about laptops in terms of "declaring" things. And it won't be on any forms, so leaving it here is no problem either. Have done it many times by plane and by car. Just leave the box behind, but you can bring all the stuff that came with it.

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39 minutes ago, jrm30655 said:

It probably looks more suspicious not to have a computer than to have one.

Today, everyone travels with a computer, netbook, tablet, cell phone and God know what else.



... and a fanny pack. ;)

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