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CFE solar credits

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I have had a surplus "credit" since shortly after our system was installed in May 2010. I still have a credit today and it has not "rolled over" as some say will happen. It is currently 1780 KwH surplus. We recently installed a mini-split a/c to make a serious dent in it!

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1 hour ago, RickS said:

Is this 'credit' of KwH kept track of within the new meter they use (maybe it runs backwards when you are producing) or in a 'computer' at CFE offices?  Or?



Our meter which was installed with the solar system shows two numbers, one for consumption, one for production.  If production exceeds consumption, you pay the minimum flat rate.  If the reverse, you pay for the net kWh, consumption minus production.

It is all figured out and shown on your bill.

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