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Has anyone successfully applied for and received a Liverpool Credit Card? Must one be a Permanente Residente to get one? I'm only 3 months away from "qualifying" for my Permanente status. So, if that IS a requirement, I will wait. I'm looking to make a large single-item purchase that may or may not qualify for the 10% discount on the "1st day of shopping" with the Liverpool Card. IF all of the stars align, it could save me 4,000 pesos, which ain't "chump change."

Their stated requirements online are...

In all types of processing it is necessary to be of legal age *, present valid official identification ** and proof of domicile.

  • Process with credit history
    • Have a history of a bank, departmental, self-service credit card or personal, automotive or mortgage payroll credit.
  • Processing without credit history
    • Proof of income over $ 4,000
    • Proof of current address in your name or a direct relative

I meet ALL of those requirements, but I suspect that there's a "gringo clause" lurking about that isn't part of their stated requirements.

Anyone? Anyone? 

Gracias in advance

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