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Advice on nationalizing a car

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Talk to Spencer. Or look at previous threads. Get Jalisco plates, not Estado de Mexico. 

Are you aware of Tim Welch and Jayme Littlejohn's vehicle importation service? They are both respected professionals that live here and are more than capable. Their contact info- legalizecars@gmail.com. No worries or concerns when you use their services.

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Not knowing what all you might already know.....   Nationalization can only be done at the border by an authorized broker. The vehicle must first be Exported from the US by US Customs agent and can take a couple of days. Authorized brokers know this and it is a part of their process. Then the Import process can be done in Mexico. Then you must get State title/tags which is not a part of the broker's responsibilities nor fees (normally).

Local folks who are doing this are acting as your 'agent' and your facilitator and don't actually do the Import. They probably have an 'agent of choice'.


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In order to do it legally, I believe that you have to take the car to the border, hire a customs broker, export the car from the USA, then import it to Mexico.

It might just be a lot easier, and less expensive, to take the car to the USA, sell it at a wholesale lot, return to Mexico and buy a replacement.

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