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Chula Vista explosions?

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23 minutes ago, Travis said:

Fiestas Patronales in San Antonio?

Travis nailed it. http://sanantoniodeprado.co/fiestas-patronales/ The good news is that the cohetes going off at 6 a.m. (for this festival) will be finished on June the 13th.

Then you can enjoy the peace and quiet until the next fiesta. I do feel sorry for your dog though because he's not going to give a damn about the explanation. Try a thunder shirt or the equivalent.


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I wonder how many people attend a fiesta they are complaining about? When I lived in Chapala Centro I walked over to the San Francisco fiesta. I was there for the lighting of the Castillo and saw all the music, fun, rides, and games. I still did not appreciate the 5 a.m. and midnight cohetes but it did make all the noise I heard from three blocks away easier. Also went to the SAT Independencia fiesta when I lived there. It was spectacular and great fun.

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On 6/11/2017 at 8:52 PM, ManxMan said:

The explosions have been going on for at least a week. No pattern, just the occasion "BANG!" Start early and end late. I thought maybe someone is trying to scare off birds or something. Not overly annoying but it scares the dog. 

there is not a dog in town that likes those boom booms, at least the dgs  know and I know a lot of dogs, dogs that is!


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