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From GDL Reporter last month:


Airbnb agrees to charge ‘hospitality’ tax in Mexico

Published: 18 May 2017
Written by GR Staff


According to several reports coming out of the United States, home and apartment-rental company Airbnb has agreed to pass on to their clients the “hospitality” taxes imposed by state governments throughout the country.

Most hotels, hostels and B&Bs add on a three-percent lodging charge, mandated by most state governments, including Jalisco, Nayarit and Colima.

Airbnb has signed an agreement with the Mexico City government to charge the tax and is expected to ink similar deals thought the country.



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All the new technologies have been viewed by governments as new cash cows tor to be forced out of business. Uber: attacked by NYC and others because it interfered with the scam of selling Taxi Medalions for $100million+, VRBO and AIR B&B attacked as cash cows. History shows that no amount of taxing and harassing will keep us buying buggy whips. Being unfriendly to new technologies has never prevented them from mass adoption for long. Not sure where in the constitution (USA) the right to force these companies back. The USA is no longer rated as being the most business friendly and neither has Mexico.


In the USA many cities charge 16-17% hotel tax this has created an opportunity for alternatives.

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Other side of the coin: 

B&Bs here are small; most have between 4 and 8 rooms.  They are registered with Hacienda and pay IVA on their gross room rentals. 

AirBNB, VRBO, HomeStay (all of which I have used here, in the US and Europe) can cut into the occupancy rates at these smaller establishments.  One reason AirBNB prices are lower is because they aren't paying the 16% IVA .

Why should a homeowner who rents out 2 spare BRs and a casita be treated differently than a small B&B?  To tax or not to tax; that's a public policy decision.  But treat them all the same.  

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