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It's not too late.  A good place to find streams is Reddit, people will post a ton of links and you can always find one that works.  Just Google "Reddit _______ Streams", where the blank is whatever sport you are looking for.  In this case googling "Reddit MMA Streams" gets you this link:


Then you click on the link for your fight and you will be taken to a long list of links, usually with the best towards the top of the page.  Note that they will all have ads, so use an adblocker in your browser or on your entire network, and do not be fooled into installing some crap or signing up to some site.  Not needed.  Also note that links starting with "acestream://" are for a special program called AceStream, which works well but requires a bit of setup (still free).

Find a link that works, maximize the window, and you should be good to go.  This one works OK, give it a minute to load:


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