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Request for phone number of vet that will travel to GDL airport

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Last time we came back to the Guadalajara airport from the United States, the immigration people made us call a vet to come to the airport even though we had our health certificate.  Our Vetrinarian issued health certificate did not list both our US address and our Mexico address on it.

Does anyone have the phone number or email of a vet that is willing to travel to the airport?  I can not find the vet's business card.  

Many thanks!

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Vet.   Lina  [ Maricela Raygoza Negrete ]  makes   'rescue'  [ get your animals out of  Customs ] trips to the airport  for  travelers.

They know her and she knows the rules and   'nonsense'   that might occur.

Her cell # 331 047 7864                  mvz.linaraygozanegrete [ at ] gmail.com

Do not remember  what she charges, but felt it was a fair price.

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