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Prodigy.net.mx email not functioning

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I have a client for whom we cannot get into the webmail for a prodigy.net.mx email address, for a couple of weeks or more. I know the email is still alive, because the "global" email site mail2web.com gets it. Anyone else having this problem with any TelMex-related emails?

NOTE: mail2web.com is a great choice for getting your email when you are out of the country... it can retrieve messages for almost any address.

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My client was told by TelMex in Mexico that they "are having problems". I am aghast, but not surprised, that they can let this drag on for weeks. There are still a lot of TelMex customers using their email services, which have expanded over the years to include many more "@" addresses (16 at last count, including infinitummail.com).

One webmail access page just goes blank; another insists that you have entered the wrong password (this is not true, obviously, but that tells us why I made the suggestion to you, Sea).

Please try the mail2web site and let me know.

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For what it's worth, I helped a guy last year that kept having problems with a prodigy.net.mx email account and ended up having Uptime Robot send me emails when either site (prodigy.net.mx and mail.prodigy.net.mx) went down or came back up.  They both go down a LOT, prodigy.net.mx (down right now) more so than mail.prodigy.net.mx but enough to warrant just switching email addresses for sanity's sake.

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Gmail is giving me notices that prodigy.net.mx is still not encrypting traffic (in this case from Telmex). So no SSL-TLS, which is an abomination these days. That means any personal information in emails you send or receive can easily be read by hackers. To verify this, you can click on the "From" icon in a message you receive in your Gmail account.

Checking other emails from Telmex, there is no encryption with eninfinitum.com, and neither with mi.telmex.com

(However, emails sent via infinitum.mx DO have encryption.)


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