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Amazon. That's where I got mine. Try US Amazon first. Mexican amazon seems pricier. Lots of the us Amazon items come with free shipping. But you gotta wait a week or two for them to arrive. Yes DHL to the door. Try to find a pair that ships directly from Amazon. That way. If there's any issue with the item or shipping you can deal with Amazon directly and not some third party seller.

Amazon has great customer service. I ordered a pair of reading glasses. I didn't like. I used the chat feature with customer service. Told them I lived in Chapala and the shipping charge would outweigh the price of the glasses. They told me to donate the glasses and gave me credit for the price do the glasses.

Amazon and eBay are my goto outlets 

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Try Liverpool's "Click & Collect" program - it works really well.  Go to there website and select the merchandise you want and then you can select delivery for free to the Liverpool location you prefer - OR - have it shipped to your door.

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So the shoes that I've ordered, paid the import tax and shipping costs. Opened and inspected by aduana and resealed by aduana have been illegally imported or flown under the radar? If you're referencing a specific Mexican law regarding importating shoes that have been opened or obviously shoes I'd love to see. If not then are you creating another imaginary law that you heard somewhere from someone who told the neighbor? 

If not. Then please. Mexico has enough laws on the books without us creating more. I've ordered from US Amazon for the last three years. I've never once ran into trouble with shipping shoes, clothing or anything else Amazon offers shipment to Mexico. Amazon is an enormous business and does their homework. If shoes were being confiscated or represented as obviously shoes I'm sure shoes would not be eligible for shipping to Mexico. Even on the Mexican Amazon store shoes are imported from retailers NOB. Plus. Shoe manufacturing is a big business in many countries. The not wanting competition argument doesn't seem to hold water. 

I think you might want to check your facts

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Galeria del Calzado is a shopping center containing 60 different shoe stores under one roof. Located at Avenida Mexico and Yaquis, 6 blocks west of Minerva Circle, it is open 7 days a week from 11:00 to 8:30. Loads of slippers, men's shoes in many styles in almost every store. Although geared toward women, the variety for men was surprisingly large. Google for additional info, directions, photos, etc.

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