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Scam Artists are alive & well

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Just got a call  from 331 563 4860, opening line was hey how you, I said who is this calling, reply was your neighbor silly.  American/Canadian sounding guy who seemed to be calling from a call centre as there was a lot of noise from other voices.  I just said you are the re-off artists & hung up.

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3 hours ago, Rusty Guy said:

i got the same call about 4 weeks ago,  Told him to F***k off!


You people are just so rude.  Here you are guests in another country and you are insulting the local population.

You should be ashamed of yourself!!

The correct way to handle this is to listen to the guy, he is lonely and has no friends.  Listen to his problems and assure him that you are there to help.  You will do anything possible to help, just name it.  

If you do this correctly, you can keep him talking for 10 minutes or more.

When the conversation begins to get boring say "I was talking to your mother just yesterday.  She said she was so embarrassed that her son has sunk to the level of being a con man and a thief.  How could you do that to that nice old lady?"





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Maybe. Then we can finally put a face to Michael. He sounds in need of something. In fact. I'd really like to meet Michael face to face. Figure the time he's taken from he owes me at least 15 minutes of my hourly rate. Next time he calls I'll remind him my time is money and I don't take checks.

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