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Inheritance question

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At the moment you take a deed in your name you can add a beneficiary. This only works for one piece of property. I believe you can add it to your deed if you already have it, talk to the notary that did your deed.

It is easier than going through the legal process of executing a will.

If you have any other assets  a will is the way to go though.


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Yes you may add a beneficiary to your property deed to avoid a will and the need for probate.  The State Civil code says you are free to add, modify or revoke the clause.  The only condition is that for placing a beneficiary directly in a deed they must be a parent / child or spouse and to change the title upon your death they will ask for the death certificate and the corresponding birth or marriage certificate plus apostille or legalization if from outside Mexico.  We have helped many people change their deeds and a will is still a good idea as you may have other or after acquired property or need to make criminal or insurance claims and it is easier with a will to show the person is the deceased´s legal representative. 

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