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Has anyone lost a large long haired black and white dog?

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Is anyone missing a dog? There was been a dog crying for two days now on the other side of our fence (a pasture that falls into an arroyo). We sent one of our workers (Javier) to bring him in.  Obviously leash trained, an elderly long haired male dog, with a brown leather  collar and a silver star that says Bolo. Well cared for, nails are cut, teeth cleaned but coat is very shaggy now.  He’s drinking lots of water, but won't eat the dog pellets we offer him.  I am posting everywhere in case he is a lost dog (just last week we re-united a family with their lost Weimeraner) but I will bet that he has just been dumped. He looks so sad and lost.

Bolo 1.jpg

Bolo face.jpg

Bolo star.jpg

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Sometimes dogs that have only lived on human food leftovers, doesn't like dog food. See what happens if you offer him some of your food leftovers.

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Keep us all posted.  If no one claims him then I would suggest that you call The Ranch and ask if they may take him.  He is handsome and may get a new home quickly.  The Ranch is a great place a- Syd is an amazing lady who does so much for the doggies.  Good Luck. 

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2 hours ago, Cronopio said:

Taaffe - what is the local Mexican board you posted on? It might be useful to know about if this happens again.

It is a WhatsApp group called 

Consejo ciudadano perros. You can ask to join the group.

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