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Game of Thrones

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Netflix has never had GOT as far as I am aware.  i watched all the episodes except for this latest season on putlocker.is. .  It was totally free to stream in hd.  They had a huge collection of all the newest and oldest movies and tv shows much more extensive and varied than netflix.  But, alas, it was taken down last month by the urging of the US government in much the same way as Mega video was done a few years ago.  Sure it is piracy, but living down in Chapala, its not like there are any blockbusters or hollywood video stores to rent movies.  And most sites don't like you streaming from outside the US.  There are just the pirated dvds sold in the tianguis.  Putlocker was the best because they had just about every movie or series ever made.  I am not going to recommend any site, but just google free streaming sites for movies.  Some sites have GOT, just make sure you use a pop up blocker.

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On ‎5‎/‎13‎/‎2017 at 5:25 PM, Denise said:

Not on Netflix. 

Right, it`s not on Netflix Mexico.  Maybe Mainecoons has something that makes Netflix thinks he`s in the US. Clever fellow. Netflix wasn`t fooled by my attempts at subterfuge.  I download it.

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