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Russell Kveton

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That  is very sad. I keep on thinking all of my friends will live longer than I. And I keep on getting shocked when someone I had often seen or known passes away before I do. Is it all right to ask about how old he was? If not please forgive me for asking,

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1 hour ago, RVGRINGO said:

Hey Pete,  Have you made a typo on your profile? 

It says, “Birthday, 11/13/1910“.  You don‘t look a day over 107 in your photo.

No, it was a joke. And I just leave it there.

And getting back to the sad passage of Russell Kveton.  May he RIP. We will miss him.

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I first met Russell in 2000.  He had just arrived in the Lakeside area and was staying at the B&B in which I was staying.  The next day I was flying back to the US to wind up everything and bring my car and a trailer to Ajiijc where I had bought my house.  I needed to get to the airport so tired as he was from his drive down, Russell drove me.

He was a good  man and a good friend.

RIP Russell.  We will miss you.



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