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I would like to drop a word of recommendation if anyone is looking for a maid.

Ana & her family live in Jocotepec.  They travel 3 or 4 times a week to Chapala to sell blackberries, etc. near the square & carry up & down the streets nearby.  Back in December, they approached me for a $500 peso loan because her father-in-law was in the hospital & they lacked $500 to get him out after pawning everything they had to pawn.  So, I made the loan, thinking I'd never see it again.

But Ana insisted on working it off for me, so I let her clean my house.  (I have never had a maid before.)  She asked what & how I would like things done, & I told her, "Just do it like you would for your own house - to  your own satisfaction.  I know it will be perfect."  Man, was that an understatement!  :lol:  Now, I'm no slouch on keeping things tidy & clean, but this woman is MRS. Clean!  And 100% with soap & vinegar, which she didn't find strange at all. 

Ana's family, like all of us, has its struggles.  Her mother was hospitalized in January with kidney failure & the family had to raise $20,000 pesos to get her on the dialysis & transplant list.  So I made another loan & Ana worked it off. 

When I asked her if she ever thot about doing professional house-cleaning, she replied she had never thought about it.  So I said, "Think about it!  Jose can sell fruit & you can clean maybe 2 houses a day & the difference would be huge."  But - she's a bit intimidated by expat ladies, as she has had some unpleasant experiences.  She does not speak English, but she does understand it.  She has a loving heart & will go to the market for you if you're not feeling up to it.  She really gets every detail when she cleans.  My street is dusty right now & she does my many shelves & all the little doo-dads from the landlady individually.  She's not a speed demon, rushing to the next job, but she's no laggard, either.  Basically, she does it like I would do it, but in a more organized, speedy way.  (I mosey even when working, it seems.)

Perhaps I should mention that I generally have bits & bobs of cash here & there all over the house...  NOTHING, not one thing - has ever gone missing.  Regardless of her financial challenges, Ana is fricking honest.  She still has a personal code that won't be broken.  She's always respectful of my space & does not, for instance, clean the computer or my desk, because I have things in a certain order.

Last Thursday, she said that she had thought about it and thinks she WOULD be interested in working for other expats & would like for me to put a message here.  (She has no computer & atm her only cell phone is my old cheapie with a damaged speaker.)  But feel free to go through me to make contact until we get her a better phone.

I'm don't keep a set schedule when the cleaning gets done.  We always seem to hit on a good time.  For me, it's amazing I have found someone nearly telepathic when it comes to how I want things done.

So, if you speak some Spanish (or are willing to patiently explain in slow English & hand signals what you want done), you will find yourself very pleased with Ana's services. 

She is willing to work in Joco, Chapala & everywhere in between.

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Absolutely, gimpychimp!

Ana's cell phone (which goes to voicemail a lot, as she can only put 50 pesos at a time on it), is 333 440 4626.  Her husband, Jose, will probably answer, because he can hear better over the damaged speaker.

She is coming to clean for me tomorrow, so I'll be happy to pass on any details you think might help her find more work.

Mind, she has 3 kids, a sick mother, & a soon-to-be divorced sister, with nephew, in her 2-bedroom home.  Plus a 16-yr old & 20-yr old who are on their way to becoming independent.  And she is rather shy.

Thanks for your response!


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Got your message, Jeanneboo.  Email sent.


Well, folks, don't bother trying Ana's cell phone.  She arrived today on time as usual, but with a black eye, bruised cheekbone & a split lip. 

Seems that as they were leaving the mercado in Jocotepec last night, having sold all 20 of her little baskets she had decorated for Mothers' Day, a gang of 5 guys about 30-35 years old, armed with knives, attacked them.

All three were severely beaten, but nobody needed stitches or hospital.  Ana's bag was stolen & her clothes ripped up. 

She had spent 2 weeks preparing little baskets with beads & flowers & I had donated some soaps so she could make a little extra money for the family.  They all sold & Ana had earned $6,000 pesos.  She had called me yesterday to tell me they had sold out & was so happy.  Between the mercado & the bus, these toughs descended on them.  What a relief the children were not with them.  Bastards took every peso they had earned, so they had to walk back to El Chante.

When I go shopping tomorrow, I will get her another cell phone and post the number so she may be contacted directly.

And Ana has a plan to organize the vendors so they are prepared with chili spray,  or at least a baton or cane, as well as approaching the police for a couple officers to provide security for the market.  We shall see.  First, she's going to organize the neighbors & vendors.

Only last November, her husband came home beaten so badly he had a hematoma on his right eye.  They stitched him up in Guad, but he required surgery about a month after for scar revision. 

We both agreed that if these toughs act like vicious animals, they should be treated that way.  It is important for a woman to be able to protect herself; if pepper spray is good enough for bad dogs, it's good enough for these guys. 

There is a martial arts school in Joco.  Ana's going to ask there about group discount for vendors & neighbors.  She is not a stupid woman, that girl!

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What kind of statement for people contemplating buying a house in the Jocotopec area?  I remember "Herman" asking on another topic about living here and comments seemed very positive.   A gang of 5 adults with knives attacking a peaceful couple is not my idea of a place in which I'd wish to reside. 

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this plus the other discriptive post of the thailand crime was not necessary. looks like its been revealed there are violent gangs in joco. that may not allowed here. the newcomer may not know this. maybe this is too much information. (or an advertisment for gated)?

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The incident WAS reported.  Medical attention was received.  Doubt the police will do anything.

Today, Ana has a new cell phone - 331 024 7439.

Yes, it was on Mother's Day.  These toughs were seen by another vendor, who commented to another vendor that they were casing the joint, a phrase we might use.  They were on the opposite end of the mercado from Ana or would have said something to her.

They were robbed at the bus stop, of every peso.

But she's back in action again, selling her fruits & came to clean for me today.  Indomitable, this woman, but shy. 

Next time she's in the mercado, she will be packing pepper spray and a stout baton with wrist lanyard.  They won't do it again.


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BMH - She worked for me 9 months.  As of Saturday, I am no longer using her.  She has some personal issues in her life (as do we all); however, they should never get in the way of one's employment.

betty7 - I have no idea.  Who would loan a maid 25,000???  I'm guessing, at 50 pesos/hour, it would take a LONG time to work off...

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"personal issues" is the key buzzword. you are "no longer using her". let me guess..........have these issues  gotton "in the way of employment"?  are you still recommending her? your post is unclear. you have a way w/words. do tell. 

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