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Time for the annual guess the start of the rainy season

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Yes folks, once again that great opportunity to portray that wild guess as meteorological genius should your wild guess be the right one.

And win the grand prize which is....nothing other than bragging rights.

Rainfall is as measured at the weather station in Riberas

In order to be deemed a real start, the rain has to fall three times in a week, be clearly generated by the easterlies the shift of which denoted the beginning of our season and have to add up to 3.8 cm (1.5 inches) in the first 7 day week.  The date of the first rain in the qualifying trio is the win date.

I'l start with my usual, usually futile attempt to pick a date based on observation of tropical and sub tropical jet streams.  Reply to this post with your guess and I'll copy it into the list.

Note it is OK to pick a date that has already been picked.  There is no limit on the number of folks who can be declared meteorological genius here.

MostlyLost:  June 1

Rony:  June 5

Bisbee:  June 9

MyHome, Bezerk:  June 10

Solajijic:  June 11

Mexbound, Tomgates, Irish Gal:  June 12

Cedros:  June 13

Johansen:  June 14

Exyyz:  June 15

Mainecoons:  June 16

MHopkins:  June 17

Hammerhead:  June 18

Pappys, bdmowers:  June 21

Jabonera:  June 28



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I just posted somewhere here that I bet it will start on the 12h or 13th. Seeing that I get only one day, I guessing by the 14th of June there will enough rain in the rain gauge to reach 1.5 inches

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5th of June

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A little bird told me it'll be late this year...

June 28th.

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June 21, exactly 6 weeks, or 42 days, from today when I heard the first rainbird.  Well, I actually heard one a few days ago but I dont remember the day,  so.....

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22 hours ago, tomgates said:

1.38 so far in Riberas. Here are the rules.

Well, it looks like June 7 should be declared the official winner as it was the first of three obviously monsoonal storms that added up to an inch and a half.  Since no one picked that actual date, the two closest, Rony and Bisbee, will share the spotlight.  I totally bombed on my prediction of a late start.  Glad I was wrong.

Congratulations to our two near perfect weather prognosticators!


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