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Need to Rent House for Family Starting in July

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Our family is moving to Ajijic in July from Buffalo, New York.  We are looking to rent a house.  We have 3 kids that are enrolled at Instituto Terranova.  We have been looking since Christmas time and have been down twice without finding a place we like.  We will gladly take any suggestions and are planning to return later this month or early June to rent somewhere.  Please see our requirements below and pm us is you have something.  Thank you!!!  Chris and Anne Marie

Our requirements on a house are:

1) At least 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms - it is ok if there is a main house and a casita.  More bedrooms and bathrooms is ok too;

2) In the village if possible, La Floresta is ok, West Ajijic, Upper Ajijic or Villa Nova is ok, but no gated communities.  We like a more traditional looking house;

3) We need a long term lease - at least 1 year, probably 2 years.  We will consider renting something from July - December and have more time to look once we are in the area, but we do not want anything month-to-month;

4) We would like a pool, but it is not absolutely necessary;

5) We would like to get a small dog, also not necessary.

Our budget is $1000 - $2000 US a month including utilities and internet.  We will pay more for more :)  Thank you in advance for any leads you can provide!

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You should have no trouble finding a lovely house in your price range.  Keep checking here, people are very helpful.

You might consider sending down a "scout" who can go to the "billboards" at Soriana, WalMart, near Santander Rio bank, etc.  Some of the best houses have Mexican landlords who do not use computer so much.

I will think of you & take a look for you next time I am out.

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