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I think I phrased my last question about this wrongly.

I am looking for someone to test the drinking water NOT for bacteria etc but to know more about the mineral and chemical components.

The water is here from our well is heavy in calcium salt etc.

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You will have to take the sample to Guadalajara and the tests will be very expensive (10,000?).

This company  https://www.cylex.com.mx/zapopan/grupo+ecotec,+s.a.+de+c.v-11105088.html tested the water in our fraccionamiento a number of years back. Cost? They tested for 12 different minerals. Here is another http://www.ceajalisco.gob.mx/notas/2012/nota_laboratorio_acreditado.html

I think the latter is the same company that was on the highway to Guadalajara by that (?) hotel. I have a list of the tests this lab did-76 different ones. But it is now closed to the public.

Is this one different ?: https://www.imta.gob.mx/gaceta/anteriores/g57-01-2012/acreditacion-laboratorio-cea-jalisco.html

You may get a lead somewhere above. In any event no labs Lakeside do the tests you are looking for. Not a lot of help but maybe it will point you in the right direction.

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There are a number of labs in Guadalajara that can do it but it is very expensive to have a complete test done for heavy metals, biologicals, etc.  There is no facility Lakeside that can do this - just biologicals.  If you want a list of labs, send me a PM with your email address and I will send you a Word document with company names.  CEA (Agua Jalisco) no longer does testing of private or individual wells, only municipal wells, sewage treatment plants, etc.

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Here ya go.  These are the ones I have found in Guadalajara that are approved for use by CONAGUA - the Federal Water authority.  The Municipal wells are required to be tested for the parameters listed in Testing Standard: NOM-127-SSA1-1994 (Mod. 2000) which consists of 38 individual tests.  CEA (Agua Jalisco) perform these tests on all municipal wells in the entire state for free.  The private labs listed below charge to do these tests and are typically hired by companies such as process industries (Pepsi, Coca-Cola, etc.) who use water and create waste byproducts that require post-process treatment).  I have only visited a couple of these so far and found them to be quite expensive to do private wells.  I ended up finding a way to slip our wells in under the Municipality coverage so was able to use Agua Jalisco's lab up in Providencia.

CONAGUA Approved Water Testing Labs

Laboratorios ABC Quimica Investigation y Analisis

Av. Cruz del Sur, 3195

Guadalajara, JAL  44950

(33) 3646-6563



ANASA Analisis de Agua

Av. Circunvalacion Poniente 231-E

Cuidad Granja

Zapopan, JAL  45010

(33) 3673-3588



Laboratories Laica

Azucena, 550

Jardines de la Paz

Tlaquepaque, JAL  45519

(33) 3635-7283




Calle Volcan Vesubio, 5833

Colli Urbano

Zapopan, JAL  45070

(33) 3120-9230




Amycsa Cadeti

Av. Alemania, 1254

Col. Moderna

Guadalajara, JAL  44100

(33) 3658-3010




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Donata!  I am sure there are other labs in Guadalajara that can perform some of the tests you might need (and hopefully at a lower cost) but the organization in which I am involved have to use CONAGUA approved labs since these wells are registered and have an extraction licence with CONAGUA.  In our case, we are required to have the water tested at least once every two years to the NOM-127-SSA1-1994 Standard.  As far as I know, the municipal wells that are operated by SIMAPA and SIAPA, etc. have to be tested every six months.

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