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Telmex and the Inbursa Charge

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This was the first time that the infamous "Inbursa" charge appeared on my phone bill. It's not the 39 pesos, it's the principal of the matter.

I did not solicit insurance. I did not give permission to anyone to charge me for insurance. No one has my signature approving said insurance. Imho, this is fraud to the tune of 39 pesos every month times millions and millions of people who pay Telmex.

I tried two different ways to get this charge off my bill. I waited in line at Telmex to pay for my phone service and asked to have it removed. I was told I had to wait and speak to a Techie... and there were already over 10 people waiting and I had just waited in a cashiers line with 15 people in front of me.

I then asked a native Spanish speaker to call the 1-800 number and get it off my bill. This was suggested by the cashier at Telmex. Although I do speak Spanish, the Telmex people speak at the speed of light. Well, that didn't work either.

So, now I'm going back to Telmex early tomorrow morning to wait again. How does this happen? What gives them the right to do this? And why is it so bloody difficult to fix it? GRRRRRRRR.


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Be aware that having the cashier take it off your bill doesn't actually remove the charge - it will show up the next month, with interest. You have to go talk to the customer service people ( in Ajijic, the ones at desks at the left side of the room) to get the whole thing cancelled.

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I just went through this a few months ago.  Went into Ajijic, told them I did not authorize the charge so it was removed and has not shown up again.  I had to drive into Ajijic to have them remove what I did not authorize and certainly did not want.  They must be making money on this scheme or they wouldn't do it.  


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The rest of the story... I was lucky enough to have a friend who was going into Telmex for another problem and asked her to give me a call and let me know how busy the waiting area was. When she arrived, she was one of three people waiting so I jumped in the car and headed over there. You do have to go in there and get one of the customer service reps to take this off. I also have the file number of the cancellation printed clearly on the bill.

According to the rep, Telmex "rents" out space on their bills and collects for these Inbursa guys. He showed me the "authorization" name and I told him it was absolute B.S. since I live alone and don't have a maid. I asked him why Telmex would deal with such a fraudulent company and he didn't have an answer. He also said he'd had many people come in to cancel the unauthorized insurance. It's aggravating to be sure. But, it is the principle (spelled it correctly this time) of the matter and I hope someone takes it to Profeco.



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