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Is Telmex not doing hookups in Ajijic ?

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A friend went to Telmex today to give them a change of address for their account.

They said that there are not installations being done and that they have to

get on a waiting list, with no date given as to when there will be a connection.

Anyone else experience this ?

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I went to Telmex on March 17 to add internet service back to my account. They told me that a third party vendor would be delivering my modem within the next six days!  After 15 days and two emails from this third party vendor telling me to be home for delivery it still hadn't arrived.  When I went back to Telmex and complained they loaned me a new modem.  Here it is May 3 and I still have not received my modem!!!

I have Telecable as well and have wanted to do a test on which service gives me the best service.  So far Telecable wins but I am grandfathered in to the "higher" speed of 8 download.  I get it occasionally but at least I don't lose their service several days a week as I do with Telmex here in west Ajijic.  I doubt the Telmex office will be getting their loaner modem back soon!

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The house we bought last week in Ajijic had TelMex service previously, but the tenant took the phone number with them to their new residence and stopped the services to the house a few weeks ago.  

We went to TelMex last Tuesday afternoon and they came out the next day with the modem and connected us  to the internet, and also gave us our new phone number.  


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