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What is burning

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I have lived here 9 years. Each spring, certain farmers burn their fields. This will be going on for a while so get used to it. Artificial tears are great for flushing out your eyes. On occasion, of course, there will actually be an uncontrolled burn, but not as often as you would think. 

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Nothing burning that I can see or smell in upper slightly West Ajijic.  I couldn't say that though perhaps 45 days ago when the burning started near my home and burned it's way up the mountain getting close enough for us to get the hoses out and water the woods adjacent to my property and home.

I've been here 20 years living just to the West of the woods on one side and below the woods on high side of my lot. And almost every year someone burns portions of the hill. Often but not always corn is planted in this wooded area and the locals grow quite a bit of corn.

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