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Dish TV + Sound System + extras

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I have a friend that has an incredibly complicated dish tv (hooked to three tv's), a sound system hooked to one of the dish tv's and more wires going every whichway and a WD box hooked to the tv and a computer.

We want to simplify it all but need a knowledgeable person to disconnect everything and start it all again in a more simplified fashion. Currently there are wires that don't make any sense to us so we don't want to fool with it ourselves.

Does anyone have a person that could do it for us?  Thanks. Email me at mexilady@ymail.com please


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Mario from Satellite Systems came out today and as he repeatedly shook his head at what my friend's late husband had set up eight years ago got everything working again and will be back later when he has more time to completely rewire the house! Thanks everyone.
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