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Recommendations for a Lasik surgeon (Guad-based ONLY please)

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I am considering some vision correction by way of Lasik surgery (not cataract). I will ONLY consider a surgeon whose primary practice is based in Guad. If he or she also comes down to lakeside 1 or 2 days a week for follow-ups with patients, that would be a positive.

If you have HAD Lasik, and you had a very positive experience and outcome, please share the name of the surgeon who performed your procedure. Gracias! 

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17 minutes ago, kbleitch said:

Mexicomoose - re your post on the older thread, I just sent you a PM. I am good friends with the individual that was involved.

I couldn't find a thread that dealt with Lasik surgery. Are you talking about the post titled "Local Opthomologist makes BIG mistake?" That appears to be related to a botched cataract surgery, not my area of need. I did read that note and made some notes about Gringal's recommendation. 

But I wanted to start a topic that dealt specifically with Lasik surgery.

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Yes, both my husband and I had laser surgery about 8 years ago.  He did the cataract surgery and then laser to correct vision.  I had the surgery to give me long distance vision in one eye and closer vision in the other.  She also removed my astigmatism.  We were happy with Dra. Laura Choza, she's near Hospital del Carmen.  I highly recommend her.

Good luck!

Valerie :)


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