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WARNING: Laredo Bridge II Snafu


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On 28/04/2017 at 9:37 PM, Intercasa said:

Unfortunately you need to fight with them to take the form.  It is the same in the US, I was close to arrest for insisting that CBP let us pass to turn in an I-94 form for a  Mexican so that way there was a registry they left the country and was told it was not necessary and then was arguing and then said would they want liability for visa cancellation as the US government registered an air entry but no exit by land and then the two agents thought about it and said ok. 

If you dont know then face the consequences but if you do you need to insist or else you may have more future hassles and you will wish you made more of a stink

This happened to us once, trying to turn in our I94's (you used to be able to give them to the toll collector on the US side of the bridge, but no more)US border agents drew a gun on me and told me to get back to my car! so I did, and sent the i94's with proof we had returned to Mexico to an address in London, Kentucky. Obviously was OK because no problems on our next trip into the US. 

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