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2nd "Annual" Gathering of TelMex Speeds

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A year ago I collected a goodly number of speed results from people on this very board. Now I'm interested to see if anyone has shown a speed improvement since March of 2016. I know that in Brisas and Chapala Haciendas, of course, it's no secret that the condo and hotel construction saw TelMex put new infrastructure in place, and there are now people in those areas getting 10 to 20 times better speeds, up to 10Mbps download.

Across lakeside, other improvements were made by TelMex over the last year, including new modems. This allowed many people to get a boost in speed without paying any more.

If you'd like to help, please post here your speeds and whether or not this is an improvement (or reduction!) over the last year or so. Thanks.

You can use any of the folllowing   http://www.speedtest.net/



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West Ajijic (next door to the Casa de Waffle)  8.56Mbps down, 580kbps up @ 10:58am 4/21/17. Same as this time last year.

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Villa Nova. Big improvement from past.

4/21/2017 17:45       8.21 0.65 37 Guadalajara 
4/21/2017 17:48     7.57 0.34 83 Tlaquepaque
4/21/2017 17:53      8.25 0.65 24 Guadalajara
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No change in speed in lower Riberas close to the 711

Still 10 down and 1 up on the 599 plan with Telmex

What has changed is that I now have a rock solid connection with no drop outs... and I can't thank Telmex for that since I bitched to them for over 7 months with no improvement.

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Last year I was paying $599 and the modem settings were about  0.8 up by 12.5 down. This year I am paying $389 per month and my upload speed decreased to 0.6 but my download speed was set at the same 12.5 down.

I used to always get about 85% of the settings here in upper Ajijic just above Las Salvias These days sometimes using speedtest.net I get slightly more than 85% down by more than 85% up only some of the time.  Quite often these days be I wired or WiFi my 12.5 down by 0.6 up gives me only 8.5 down but a 0.54 up

Sometimes by download is only 3 mbps. Time to  try another laptop.




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I don't believe it. I pointed out that up here above Las Salvias in Ajijic that sometimes I was getting at least 85% of the speeds set in my modem and that sometimes be I connected via Wi-Fi or connected via cable my speed would drop way down. Some times 15% of the rated speed.  It just didn't make any sense. Well I have another laptop also running on Windows 10.

I tried my backup computer and it  would continuously get about 80 to 90% of the speeds set in my Telmex modem, just like my newer computer always did until things started acting up several weeks ago. So my comments on my very slow speeds made abouve should be disregarded. Sorry about that.

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Av del Parque - Chula Vista  8.50 PM, April 21/17:

Ping - 118 ms

Down - 3.22 Mbs

Up - 0.19 Mbps


Same place - 12.35 PM  April 21/16:

Ping - 22

Down - 3.00

Up - 0.26


Same place - April 20/15:

Ping - 37

Down - 2.98

Up - 0.29

Obviously - No change



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