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Inexpensive car

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1 hour ago, Bontekoe said:

This is of NO help!!!!

I take it you are interested only in people replying to you if they have an "inexpensive" car to sell and do not want to hear anything else. However, other people who come to this thread because they too are looking for an inexpensive car may be interested in hearing other ways to find one. 

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This is the time of year when a lot of the medical students in Guadalajara are selling their belongings and vehicles as they graduate.  They generally have very very nice vehicles.  You can find these items on most of the flea market buy-sell Facebook pages  also the buy-sell page for Chapala area also has cars liste onit, there is one  now for $37,000 pesos.  You have to go on Facebook, put in a few search words for the area and troll thru the resulting pages.  start with MexPat Guadalajara page.


I have friens who say they don't want to "do" Facebook because somebody is watching your posts etc... fine with me however unfortunately you lose access to a lot of local information in both English expat community and the local Mexican community.


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I would call Pepe, a local auto mechanic, very talented, and very used to fixing cars for his community to get to work. He knows what is local and good, but he might be available to travel into Guadalajara too. What I like about him is that he is willing to troll the scrapyards, rather than just picking up the phone to order from dealers or AutoZone. That can make a huge difference for things like transmission or car computer parts.

cell 33 17 22 8904.... busy guy.

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15 hours ago, dichosalocura said:

I have a friend here in Chapala that mentioned to me the other day that he was going to go check out cars at the Auto Tianguis which he said is near the Alamo somewhere behind the KFC.  Has anybody had any experience from buying cars there?  He said it was on a large lot with a large selection and good prices.  

I haven't heard a lot of positive stuff from that place, a lot of crooks and they usually change the odometer which is quite common there, some don't have the correct paperwork, I would stay away.

I have some cars coming up I can post here if you would like or send me a PM with your email and I can send you photos. I have some in the $30,000p range.

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