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New dog poisoning

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Thank you for making the public aware.

It is safe to assume that this will not stop, as long as this person exists.  With each new poisoning, people respond with surprise that this person is still out there and harming animals. No one should be surprised.  

Pet killers are not in control of their emotions, no matter how cool and calculated they appear outwardly, they experience constant inner turmoil.

They cannot cease killing, nor will they acknowledge that.  This is after all their attempt to feel in control.  Yet in truth, they lack control over their actions and emotions. 

A killer may take a break, via other diversions. During this period that person attempts on an unconscious level  to convince themselves, that they are normal and have other interests.
The killer will eventually return to this criminal act.  That person is a slave to their past, obsessions, and jealousy of those whom are happier and able to love.  Thus, the killing of an animal is an often subconscious strike against the owners.
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