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Re getting to "Settings" I had the same problem with a previous version, the settings button was so far to the right top that it was off the screen.  Drove me nuts.  TV's have overscan (google) where they throw away a strip of the video on both sides of the screen so the settings button is not visible.  My memory isn't that good but I either hooked up a genuine monitor or used the TV menu buttons to skew the picture as far to the left as I could i.e. horizontal position. The button came into view and I could proceed and afterwards reset the picture.  It was a Kodi bug.  Same problem with windows where the X to close a page is out of sight and the picture needs to be shifted.  Not all TV's do this.  Worth a shot.

Wish my memory was better, I have the newer version (17 something) and it doesn't have that problem.

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On 4/4/2017 at 9:43 AM, klm said:

I am interested in getting a Kodi box.  Does anyone have the phone number of Lindsey Speck.....I hear he sells and installs them.


Sent you a PM

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