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Acrid Smoke in upper Ajijic this morning?

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Happy Sunday to all,

Is anyone else smelling a really acrid smoke this morning in Upper Ajijic?  We are above the Carretera 2 1/2 blocks and since about 9 am, we have been getting this terrible smell of something burning that's really awful.  Went upstairs and can't see the source of this but with the breezy day we're having, it's definitely coming from somewhere in Ajijic but I don't see a column of smoke anywhere.

Wondering if anyone else has noticed this?


Valerie :)

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No, it smells more like some kind of trash fire, perhaps burning PVC or a plastic that's really acrid.

Valerie :(

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We drove by the Colima volcano yesterday on the way back from Punta Perula, Chamela and it was amazingly clear!  No clouds and nothing from the volcano.  So, this time it's something much closer.  I have a headache now and I'm convinced it's from this dreadful acrid smell.  Blech!

Thanks for the info.  


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Our neighbour is having her roof replaced/repaired. They apply this dreadful smelling sealer, especially if there any wood beams involved. Our gardener called it "creosoto". I smelt it earlier in the year, he said the ranchitos nearby were treating their fenceposts. It has a strong, almost medicinal smell, mixed with the smell of burnt electrics. This is the time of year people work on their roofs, and their tans.

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