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Repeating phone call

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I did that last year, had a Mexican architect I was working with call the number that kept calling me.  He spoke to the Mexican parent of a daughter who was calling with a friend.  Never received another call from her.

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21 minutes ago, dennis clark said:

I am getting a call about every 5 minutes on land linefrom a 376 766 0170. No one is on the line and I don't know how to Call back to harass them. Is there any way to block this number? Can't leave my phone unplugged. Help??

Could be a fax calling a wrong number - if so it might just get tired of re-dialling sooner or later.

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Many, many years ago, I was working at a TV station in Atlanta and we were getting phone calls where someone was playing loud music in the phone.

This had been going on for some time and the receptionists were not happy.

The next call that came in, I listened until the music dropped off, figuring they were listening to see if the receptionist had hung up and started pounding the phone on the desk and screaming and cussing the caller.  I finished up saying "And don't ever call here again.  Understand?"

This little girls voice said "yes sir".  

I felt about 2" tall but it stopped the calls......

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Dennis ar you really in California? If so the dialing would be different or are you in Ajijic or Chapala. From Locally lakeside just call 766-0170

from California dial 01-52-3760766-0170

When they call my USA number and won't talk I answer and whisper: It's finished, they are all dead, there is blood everywhere. Sent the clean up crew. and hang up. They tend not to call my umber back.

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My telephone number is the source of your calls. I'm just back from spending two hours or more at the Tel Mex office. The lady who helped me made several calls to technicians and to Mexico City's main office. After consulting for some time in a back office, she came back to her desk and made several telephone calls. After considerable effort on her part, she told me they had no explanation for why the calls were made. You are not the only one. Somebody in Ajijic who has a business service that I use, somebody I know, called this morning and said, "I'm returning your call." I told him, "But I didn't call you." He said his caller ID indicated I had called last night. 

You said in one post that I am getting a new MODEM. That is true, but how did you know? I didn't tell you that information. This is all a deepening mystery.

I can imagine your sense of annoyance at these calls. I would be irritated, too. I have done all I know to do and at this point, hope the calls will stop as mysteriously as they began. This cannot be some kind of prank, because you know from your caller ID where the calls came from. There was nobody in this house who would have made those calls. It has to be some kind of technical or electronic problem that is not evident to Tel Mex.

Interestingly, while I was at the Tel Mex office, I heard a man at the station next to me telling the clerk, "I didn't make this call, or this one, or this one." He had his statement pointing out the calls he had not made. I told him, "Sir, excuse me, I have the same problem of people receiving calls I did not make." In his case, he did not know whether anybody had actually received those calls, or whether he was just mistakenly being billed for them.

I sincerely hope these calls do not continue, neither to you nor to anybody else. 

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I received several calls on my cell phone, and caller i.d. told me my house line was making the calls.  But as the two of us in the house were not near  the land line at the time, I couldn't understand it - there would seem to be a "glitch" somewhere with Telmex which is making ghost calls.

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