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We are moving to the area and we will be coming with our dog and cat. We are flying in, I know it is easier to drive but that is not an option and I know the requirements of the airline, what I am looking for are any tips to help get through customs without any problems.

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There's a similar posting on the Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara thread. SENASICA at the Guadalajara airport is extremely cautious. People have had issues, some nightmare stories. Please follow all rules: be sure your pet boards with nothing in the crate but the pet, a day's worth of dry food, collar and leash: this means no bedding, no blanket, no toys, no treats. Those items will be destroyed and trigger an in-depth revision of your pet. Note that most times the carrier/crate will be sprayed with disinfectant...often with your pet in the carrier. Be sure your documents (pet medical history, APHIS or Health Certification signed by an accredited vet) are up-to-date and complete and contain ALL of the items on the bulleted list shown below. Proof of rabies and and confirmation that the pet is free of internal/external parasites are on that list.

Here's the link to the SENASICA site and the minimum requirements for the documentation.


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Yes! I need a health certificate in a few days and also having a hard time. Vet doesn't know. Wanted to call the embassy and I knew that was useless.

Does anyone know if "

Has been accepted. That is which form should I choose from the USDA APHIS page for the vet to complete?

Also, the requirements say that the medication for external and internal parasites must be given within 6 months, but I have read on other forums that it should be given in front of the vet at the visit for the health certificate. Anyone had experience one way or the other?

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